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Unless they adopt additive manufacturing by 2025, British companies will not be winners in the global high-value manufacturing race This is the title, or ‘motion’, of the panel I’m chairing at this year’s TCT Show (an event to accelerate 3D printing, … [Read More]

Cell and gene therapies are a revolution in medicine that allow a patient’s cells and tissues to be engineered to restore normal function and reverse the effects of disease. These innovative therapies offer cures for previously untreatable illnesses such as … [Read More]

Using stem cells, genes and tissues for treatment Advanced therapies are new approaches to medicine that use stem cells, genes and tissues to treat a wide range of conditions. These therapies have the potential to transform the treatments of some … [Read More]

The world’s most valuable resource The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data This recent observation by The Economist, has made me wonder if we, as a nation, are making sufficient use of all sources of data. … [Read More]

There is plenty of change happening in the energy industry and most of it is related to how digital systems will link the different elements together. Take a look at these videos, which showcase the top UK innovations in digital … [Read More]

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