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What will the future of manufacturing be like? What if you could get bespoke products, produced rapidly on demand, and in a green and eco-friendly way? Anything, anywhere In the next 30 years, we will see manufacturing become more and … [Read More]

As part of our Game changers series we meet Craig Clark MBE, whose Glasgow-based Clyde Space company is fast positioning itself at the forefront of the burgeoning UK space industry. Glasgow is in the running to host the UK’s first … [Read More]

Future generations will be using vehicles, which have batteries as their primary source of energy.  They will be able to charge, travel, discharge to the grid and recharge at will.  There will need to be completely different business models developed around how … [Read More]

Graphene - the world's first 2D material Derived from Graphite, Graphene is the world’s first 2D material. Just a single atom deep and super flexible Over 200 times stronger than steel and a million times thinner than a strand of … [Read More]

The global market for urban technologies is expected to reach $408 billion by 2020 by conservative estimates (if you're a “glass half full” kind of person, you’re looking at a $1.5 trillion opportunity). UK businesses could be attracting a $40 … [Read More]

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