– Our Mission –

To provide businesses access to the latest innovations and achieve profit through technology.

– About –

“Fast growing”

Founded in 2016, Gopher has quickly established itself as a fast growing IT consultancy and services company for small to medium business clients.  We focus relentlessly quality of service and a service delivery that you as our customer can come to trust and depend upon to ensure profitable growth year-on-year.

As our client, you will receive an outstanding service compromising of a positive customer service with the expertise and professionalism that ensures you receive remarkable value.

Our primary purpose is to create more success for small and medium sized business by providing you with expert strategic advice to help plan, implement and run your IT infrastructure.

By joining Gopher, you will have access to a school of skilled professionals, project managers and analysts to help your business achieve its future goals.

“People first”

Gopher doesn’t believe in business-to-business or business-to-consumer relationships.  Gopher instead focuses on people-to-people relationships.  By using Gopher as your IT partner, our people instantly become your people, working alongside your team to create the best product, provide the best service and ultimately help you achieve your goals.

“Our proactive approach”

We take our proactive approach a step further.  Not only do we monitor your ITs effectiveness and security, we also research and look into making improvements constantly.  If we can find a way to make your life easier, then expect to hear from us on how we can make that happen.  With your approval, we can work to implement the solution.

“Creative technology”

We can sum up our core value into two words: Creative Technology.  We throw out the textbooks and we find a way to make your IT work for you and your company.  You can always depend on Gopher to go the extra mile.