Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Your business is potentially under attack from a wide range of I.T. security threats. A single lost password can wreak havoc for your business as a hacker gains access to confidential information. A server outage can disrupt production lines or take your business website offline in seconds.

The attacks today are many and varied and their impacts can be felt across your entire organisation.

The Importance of I.T. Security

Every organisation must have a comprehensive I.T. security strategy to protect their data and I.T. infrastructure.

Gopher recognises this need and offers a fully managed Cyber Security Service to our customers. We also provide blended services, that is we match our services with any existing I.T. security solutions you may already have in place.

Our aim is to help our customers avoid the damage an I.T. security breach can cause. Reputational damage, loss of business, regulatory fines and safety concerns are all potential consequences of an information security breach.

The focus at Gopheris to minimise this risk at every turn to ensure your business does not suffer these serious consequences.

The Need for an Integrated Solution

Today, businesses need a combination of I.T. security software, organisational policy and user I.T. security focused training, along with possible hardware installed at strategic points within your I.T. infrastructure. Organisations need to constantly monitor and defend against intrusion.

The design and management of a cyber security service requires expert I.T. security knowledge and the means to track and respond to any attacks and threats.

Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the in-house expertise to deploy this solution.

The Gopher Approach

Gopher has designed their Cyber Security Services to protect organisations of all sizes from the full spectrum of I.T. security threats using an intelligent combination of best-of-breed products and services.

Whether your organisation requires a fully outsourced I.T. managed service or one which blends with your existing I.T. security investment – Gopher is ready to work with you to achieve the best I.T. security protection for your business.

The Cyber Security Service is offered alongside other Gopher managed I.T. services: Data Backup and Recovery, Cloud Computing Services and I.T. Services and Support.

If you want your organisation to be protected from the widest number of I.T. security threats, contact Gopher today to discuss our Cyber Security Services.