Secure Email Messaging

Are your clients demanding extra protection?

Traditionally, companies in the finance, healthcare and legal industry have not been at the forefront of email security, despite having a responsibility to protect highly confidential information.  This not only, increases your reputation but when clients see you have implemented an additional layer of security to protect their data, they will without a doubt, feel at ease knowing you have their best interests at heart.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could offer your client’s password protected emails or the reassurance that you can quickly and easily recall emails that have been sent to the wrong person?

Well, now you can…

Secure Email Messaging is far more than traditional encryption. It’s an information management tool that enables you to easily protect and control access to your email and all of the valuable content and client confidential information that flows through it.

Secure Email Messaging is a cloud-based encryption and message control platform that’s easy to use and quickly integrates into an existing email infrastructure and into any third-party archiving system. Secure Email Messaging enables healthcare firms like yours to easily protect, control and manage the exchange of information, even after content has left the email outbox.

Key Features.

Simple & Secure Communications Exchange:

With Secure Email Messaging, you can simply and securely send, receive, track and control email communications on any device, including smart phones and tablets.

Powerful Control Features:

Features such as real-time activity notification, the ability to revoke messages and attachments and stop recipients from replying to or forwarding messages.

You can apply ‘For Your Eyes Only’ password protection, giving you advanced control over email messages both before and after they have been sent.

Secure Large File Transfer:

Secure Email Messaging allows both the sender and receiver to easily, quickly and securely share large file attachments of up to 5GBs through regular email.

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