WiFi Solutions

A Robust Solution

We can provide your work space with a WiFi solution that’s built around your needs. We work closely with our customers; surveying, designing, supplying, installing and maintaining their WiFi networks and associated devices.


We can meet with you to discuss your requirements and to see how providing a WiFi solution for either your guests or employees can be beneficial to your business.

Captive Portals

A captive portal is where a customer enters their details to gain access to the WiFi network.  This enables you to collect data on who is using your WiFi, how long they’ve been on your premises and various other bits.

We can even get them to log in with their social media accounts so you know who your demographic is.  Useful for those that work in the entertainment industry, restaurants and other places of public interest.

Dedicated Internet

We can implement a dedicated internet line for your customers so they are not in anyway shape or form connected to your private network, thus not slowing you down or risking security breaches in your network.


Many types of business can take advantage of the priceless insight and data free WiFi can offer including: restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, cafés, theme parks / attractions, play centres, hotels, B&Bs, holiday cottages, travel (airports, train stations, bus garage), shops / retail, event venues, car dealers, festivals, gyms, universities, student unions, betting shops and football stadiums